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Welcome to Structured Communication Corp!

Create winning strategies to globalize your business ... develop new international markets ... structure your corporate communication!

Your Global Challenge

Going global is not just for Top500 corporations. We create winning strategies together with business owners and share holders, and provide them with all the information and contacts they need to successfully expand their business. We train your executives and key people, and assist you to implement your new strategy.

The Strucom Team

Strucom is an European/American strategy consulting firm that helps companies to create winning strategies to expand and globalize. Our clients are multinationals, international companies and businesses of all sizes with an instinct for success. Additionally, we also advise non-profit organizations and public administrations.

Our Professional Services

• Corporate & Management Strategy Consulting

• Business Lobbying Services

• Premium Coaching for Top Executives

• Structured Communication™ Training

• Advocacy, Tax & Financing Support

• International Incorporation Services

• Trustee & Nominee Director Services